Business continuity

Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BCDR) is one of the top IT priorities for IT organizations across the world. Customers are seeking guidance for virtualizing their environments while ensuring seamless business continuity, disaster recovery and avoidance solutions. The Business Continuity implementation enables to design and implement VMware virtualization solutions for data protection, high availability and disaster recovery.

Building Blocks For Disaster Recovery

For organizations wanting to improve their Business continuity, Virtualization leads to better Disaster Recovery. Adopting Virtualization VSphere and Business Continuity is a straight forward implementation which ensures Disaster Recovery. There are three building blocks:

  • Infrastructure Solutions
  • Data Protection Solutions
  • Automation Solutions

Infrastructure solution provides compute & storage solutions. There is always two sides of DR, Protected side, and fail-over side. Data Protection solutions moves from protected to fail-over side and finally Automation Solutions orchestrates DR to imporve reliability.

Virtual SAN

A Radically Simple Hypervisor offers Software-defined converged storage solutions. VSAN is a new Software Defined Storage tier for vmware vSphere. Bringing benefits of Software Defined Data Center to Storage. By clustering Hard Disk Drives and Solid State Drives from standard x86 servers, Virtual SAN creates a Flash Optimized shared data storage designed for virtual environments. which is termed as hypervisor converged architecture, which delivers highest performance, scalability and resilience finally VSAN radically simplifies storage management by VM-centric controls and automation of storage service levels through policy.

  • Software-defined storage embedded in vSphere
  • Runs on any standard x86 server
  • Pools HDD/flash in to a shared datastore
  • Managed through storage policy-based management framework
  • High performance through flash acceleration

Virtualization & Software-defined Storage

Virtualization & Software-defined Storage from vmware improve Disaster Recovery.

Replication with SRM

Site Recovery Manager (SRM)

SRM (Site Recovery Manager) is a product specifically designed to leverage the capabilites benefits of vSphere. centralized rec

  • Simplifies setup of ongoing management of site recovery and migration plans.
  • Automates the actual orchestration of fail-over & fail-back process.
  • SRM's Level of automation enables to test recovery plans non disruptively.
Use cases
  • Disaster recovery
  • Disaster avoidance and fail over
  • Planned migration

Resilient IT Infrastructure

Why is a Resilient IT Infrastructure is so important? 93% of businesses lose datacenter and go bankrupt. However, revenue is not only the impact, Loss of productivity is a major concern here.
A Sound disaster recovery is highly relevant in the line of business.

  • 43% of power outage
  • 31% of IT hardware failure
  • 13% of Human Error
  • 12% of Hurricanes
Cost Effective Solutions

Overall tradition Disaster Recovery continues to be challenging for Small & Medium Enterprises and startups and they may not be able to invest a huge amount in Cloud Computing and/or Virtualizations. So, we provide a cost effective way of implementing the requirements first and upgrade them as your business grow. Request Information

Direct Benefits


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