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Digital Transformation : The New Business Imperative

Digital Businesses

Digital Businesses are modern-era business types and now-a-days seek these outcomes,

  • Create New Value.

    Companies are adopting technology to create new value for their customers by offering them new products, new services, and new revenue streams.
  • Transform Engagement.

    Companies across industries are transforming user engagement by making experiences more personal and direct and providing easy access to applications and data on preferred devices.
  • Protect Brand Customer Trust.

    Companies are using technology to protect brand and customer trust
Need for Digital Transformation

The need to craft the next-generation, forward thinking strategic plan for digital transformation and data center modernization is among the highest of priorities for most of our customers.
Digital Transformation is driving rapid and fundamental changes in organizations and their operating models.

Digital Businesses Require a Digital Foundation

With a Digital Foundation, Businesses can tranform and adopt to new technology driven environment where agility, innovation and cost containment is achieved.

How to build your Digital Foundation?

  • Modernize Data Centers.

    Prepare Customers to take full and early advantage of emerging technologies.
  • Integrate Public Clouds.

    Provide a fast and safe path to public cloud while helping customers build a best-in-class private cloud.
  • Transform Networkign and Security.

    Build cyber resilience for businesses
  • Empower Digital Workspace.

    Empower employees to do their best work and transform customer experiences. This encourages process innovation, and improves engagement across the business ecosystem.

IT initiatives Aligned to Strategice Priorities

It's time to build your digital foundation as a first step of digital transformation of your business. Today's major IT companies and their infrastructures didn't appear by the snap of a finger. It's built over time. Years ago, major IT firms made every step that is necessary to reach the level of today's reputation carefully and those steps made as an initiative to modern day's transformation. It's not too late for your business, and it's the right time.

Modernize Data Centers & Integrate Public Clouds
  • Software-Defined Private Cloud.

    Helps customers design a modern infrastructure that extends the power and the efficiency of compute virtualization across the data center to storage and networking, with common management across the stack, for better performance and reduced costs.
  • Hybrid Cloud.

    Builds a cloud strategy on a common platform that ensures operational consistency and is ready for any future business need or IT use case.
  • Agility by Automation.

    Helps customers automate IT processes for the configuration and provisioning of complete application stacks, including network and security services, to enable them to speed the development and delivery of applications for faster time to market.
  • Next-Gen Applications.

    Helps customers prepare their infrastructure for developing and deploying new cloud-native applications that often leverage container technologies and microservice-based architectures, and change frequently - release cycles are measured in minutes or hours, not days, weeks, or months.
Transform Networking and Security
  • Secure App Infrastructure.

    The evolution of the infrastructure and proliferation of distributed applications and services requires a new approach to how security is designed and deployed. To be effective, security must be distributed and by default aligned to the application, where integration and automation need to be an inherent part of the security fabric.
  • Embrace Cloud Networking.

    A new agile and innovative approach is required to solve the hyper-distribution of appliations and data as customers move from the data center out to the edge. Networking and security policies must follow the application, from teh data center to edge, and cloud-to-edge and be consistent across deployment models and environments.
  • Unify the Branch/Edge.

    Helps customers achieve visibility and control, assure application performance, and itegrate security from data center to branch to the cloud.
Empower Digital Workspace
  • Secure Access Management.

    Remove the friction of access so that employees can get their work done in real time from any device or location without compromising the security.
  • Unify Endpoint Management.

    Leverages a single platform to manage all applications and devices regardless of ownership models.
  • Simplify Windows Delivery.

    Delivers free Windows applications and desktops to any location, to any device while keeping the applications and data secure in the data center or cloud.

Resilient IT Infrastructure

Why is a Resilient IT Infrastructure is so important? 93% of businesses lose datacenter and go bankrupt. However, revenue is not only the impact, Loss of productivity is a major concern here.
Tip : VMware delivery of compute infrastructure in Desktop and Application Virtualization - Horizon 7: Securely deliver virtualized desktops and published applications to end users across devices and locations through a single platform.

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