Authorized SAP Salesperson

This registration is mandatory for reselling SAP HANA, SAP Cloud solutions, and SAP Business All – in- One. In all other instances, this registration is strongly recommended prior to reselling SAP solutions. To earn value points for this training, you must complete the associated web assessment(s) with a score of 80% or more. Level 1 value points are awarded when all qualification requirements for a product or solution area have been completed.


  • Design Thinking
  • Specifics of selling SAP
  • Cloud Selling Motion Part 1: Cloud Value Selling
  • Cloud Selling Motion Part 2: Whiteboarding for LOBs


  • Outline SAP Strategy & Solutions Portfolio
  • List the 5 SAP Market Categories
  • Define your Go-to-Market strategy to optimize your business with SAP
  • Describe the specifics of selling SAP Solutions
  • Define the key SAP factors of differentiation to lead the market and beat the competition
  • Identify the right resources to support you during sales cycle

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