Industrial Design

GS United Technologies provides you a wide choice of solutions for your Industry design needs. From choosing a design package through Patent Drawings to final design model and detailed drawings for prototype, we provide you a competitive solution with an affordable price.

What CAD Packages supported?

CAD Industry is huge and each CAD package has its own unique advantages. We offer different services from choosing a right package for your company needs which dramatically improves your CAD Integration to your products and services that meets Industry Standards. Our recommendations are,

  • Structural - AutoCAD, AutoCAD Civil 3D
  • Architecture - AutoDesk Revit - A "Building Information Modeling" Software
  • Parts/Assemblies - Solidworks, AutoCAD : Mechanical,Inventor, CATIA, CREO etc

AutoDesk's AutoCAD 2019 has various functionalities included for industrial design, tool making or tooling purposes. Every small Industry or Small and Medium Enterprise use AutoCAD for its versatility and low cost.


Solidworks is best suited for part and assembly design. Its purely parametric modeling. It is very much user-friendly. Most of the industries in NorthAmerica prefers both AutoCAD and Solidworks. Its widely used for 3D assembly designs, volume or surface modeling, sheet metal design, tool making, piping design, cast, forging, hydraulic and pneumatic design.

Siemens NX or Unigraphics

Siemens NX or Unigraphics was the "Design Software" of the Millenium. Though most of the users switched to other softwares for parametric modeling, Unigraphics still stands for its name. Planning for heavy industrial designs? Siemens NX is highly recommended.


3D Part/Assembly Programming software with several additional features. Aerodynamic components such as Wing Structures can be easily designed and such products are designed using CATIA with less design time. It's a comprehensive tool for the generation of 3D parts of all kinds. Aircraft and Auto part companies are utilizing it widely.

ProE & Creo

ProEngineer and CREO from PTC : A Product Development Software which has several features of Computer Aided Engineering such as Parametric modeling, Simulation, Schematics, Layout, Sketch, Illustrate and Options Modeler. It involves Product Design, Simulations analysis, engineering calculations as well and documentation of product development is possible.

Industrial design - Tool Making - Tooling

Our Industrial Design Experts have a number of solutions for your tooling requirement.

Cost Effective Solutions

We provide cost effective solutions to our customers. Contact Us for more details.


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  • Choosing Right Package

    Choosing a right CAD Package from a number of leading CAD Softwares.

  • Organizing Right Team
    A Design team is a key to a company's success. We build a right team for your company with proper training.

  • Conceptual Design
    We provide you a Conceptual Design followed by a Preliminary Design for you to customize your product.

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