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GS United Technologies can help you bring your designs to a 3D Model and/or detailed drawing. Whether it's a hand-drawn sketch, blue print or any other design document, upload it here. Our CAD Division work on it and notify you when it's ready to download. From Construction concept drawings to a scale model of the project is a distinguishing feature of our service. Use this form to upload a mini project with few hand sketches or concepts.

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If the project requirement is huge and needs 3D modeling, Assembly Drawings and Detailed Production ready drawings, Submit your enquiry here. GS United Technolgies' representative will contact you to understand the project requirements and provide you a detailed information.

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Schematic Drawings

Schematic Drawings are clearly detailed diagrams of an electrical or mechanical system. They are a top level..

M & E Drawings

Mechanical & Electrical drawings are usually referred to in the building industry. These drawings incorporate..

Fabrication Drawings

Fabrication Drawings are usually used for 1 off’s or per job/project bases (compared to Manufacturing Drawings).

Construction & Architectural

Construction & Architectural drawings for buildings, roadways, railways and interiors..

Conceptual Drawings

The first step (in term of CAD) of any new Component or Product is the Concept Drawing. These drawings are..

Patent Drawings

A Patent Application often requires drawings or illustrations to aid the understanding of the technical features and its assembly of the invention..

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