Cloud Provider - Questionnaire

GS United Technologies customized a questionnaire to understand your present business model and provide you solutions for managed business services which includes Automation Solutions, Data Protection and Infrastructure redesign solutions.

As a result it's easier to understand how to improve agility, contain cost and implement innovative solutions that not only improves productivity but also modernizing your apps and increase security.


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General Cloud
Analyze your cloud requirements
Do you own or employ Private/Public Clouds?
Do you have intentions to move to Public cloud infrastructure such that your employees can work literally from anywhere? Private/Public Clouds?
My data center can quickly and efficiently scale to meet business demands?
My data center can prevent unplanned downtime and faster DR Process?
I'm unable to predict your monthly operational expense?
Is there a neccessity to migrate to ITaaS (IT as a Service)?
do you expect to benefit from adopting a public or managed cloud?
do you expect to benefit from adopting a public or managed cloud?
Are you evaluating the use of a public or managed cloud to run your applications?
What are your plans for meeting your future data center capacity requirements?:
What kinds of applications do you want to run in a public or managed cloud?
Disaster Recovery
Your Disaster Recovery Plans?
Do you have a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) plan in place to protect your organization against a data center-wide outage?
Would you prefer a solution that is cost-effective and flexible enough to protect any and all apps, including mission-critical and lower-tier workloads?
Do you aware of the impact of minimizing the operational complexity of managing your DR Process? (such as Automate recovery at scale, DR processes and team cooardination)
Do you think its worth to have peace of mind that your DR processes have been validated to meet the recovery time objectives?
Does your firm afford the storage hardware investments required for Disaster Recovery?
Your Views:
Have you experienced a data center failure recently?

Does your organization have a secondary data center for recovery purposes?

Is your BCDR plan based on manual or scripted methods that are complex and error-prone?

Anxiety Questions
General Cloud
What are the consequences if you and your team do not control IT costs, maintain security, accelerate innovation and deliver more agile IT services to your business?
How do you plan to manage security in the cloud?
Is it a problem for you today that..
Are not able to provide IT services based upon the line-of-business projects requests?

Struggle to cope when project complexity increases and offer IT services to match those growing requirements?

Cannot effectively capture the costs associated with a project for charge back and funding?

Do not have a portfolio of services that effectively allows you to manage the demands on your business?

Have business units that have found ways to access alternatives to your IT offerings, increasing your difficulty in managing and securing your compliance and service level agreements?

Have a staff that cannot effectively manage the complexity and time demands placed upon them by the business which could jeopardize employee satisfaction and team growth?

Disaster Recovery
Do you know that data center outages are most commonly caused by mundane reasons, such as power outages, hardware failures, or human errors?

Do you have revenue or business-critical applications/systems exposing your organization to concerns about business continuity and disaster recovery?

Do you have a disaster recovery plan?

Does your disaster recovery plan go beyond your mission critical applications (i.e. Tier 2,3 and 4)?

Could you run you business without your Tier2, 3 and 4 applications?

Questions worth asking
General Cloud
Can you share some details around your cloud strategy?
How do you plan to leverage your current investments as you move to the cloud?
What infrastructure services are you looking to offload in order to focus on your more strategic priorites?
How important are managed services in choosing a cloud partner?
How important is vertical expertise, horizontal app expertise or regional expertise in choosing a cloud partner?
What is worth to you if you can move from CapEx to more of an OpEx orientation?
What if GS United Technologies coud help you with the Cloud Provider solutions?
Build and manage an elastic IT portfolio that grows and shrinks based on line-of-business requirements with a focus on cost efficiencies and meetings SLAs (hybrid IT)?

No, I'm still thinking / Yes,that's great!

Build and leverage a service-based strategy that enables IT to effectively and consistently deliver their services?

No, I'm still thinking / Yes,that's great!

Manage risk appropriately and invest in partnerships that protect the business?

No, I'm still thinking / Yes,that's great!

Offer guarantees around performance?

No, I'm still thinking / Yes,that's great!

Leverage IT more cost effectively and manage/predict costs over an extended period?

No, I'm still thinking / Yes,that's great!