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Why Cloud?
Leaders often think in broad terms. When the idea is hybrid cloud, the overall key is how cloud can improve Agility, enhance security, contain Cost, drive Innovation and free up internal resources for specific strategic business initiatives.

Increasingly, businesses are looking to the cloud to deliver the agility, innovation and cost savings to their clients demands. At the same time they strive to leveraging existing teams, skill sets and investments to stay competitive. Switching to cloud is a staggering key strategic initiative.
In 2018,
78% of work loads processed in the cloud.
More than 75% of companies are already pursuing a hybrid cloud strategy.
An estimated 1 exabyte of data is already stored in the cloud.
And, 82% of companies not only saved money but making more of it by moving to the cloud. This is just the beginning! With all of these activities in the cloud , companies seek for expertise and infrastructure to increase their ability to run their business providing better services to their customers.

What we offer?

We provide our customers,reliable and compatible level of services. we can offer you a true, hybrid cloud experience with Security & Compliance, Data Sovereignty and Validated Services.

  • True hybridity ensures compatibility with services based on the same cloud platform you already use. You can seamlessly move existing and future workloads from on-premises environments to plublic clouds and back again for a seamless hybrid cloud experience.
  • Built-in security & compliance you can bypass risk and uncertainty with built-in standards.
  • Data Sovereignty peace of mind of knowing exactly where your data is being stored. Now you can keep data and applications local for simplified adherence to national data security and privacy regulations.
  • Validated Services Validated cloud services on prescriptive technical requirements to ensure the security, reliability and performance.

Digital Transformation

Today, we are in the midst of Digital Transformation in the way companies operate and do business. Strategic priorities like modernizing the data centers, integrating public clouds, empowering digital workspaces and transforming security. Our enabling strategic business outcome of agility and innovation access to any app on any device from anywhere and protection of brand and customer trust. These are the tangible benefits of hybrid cloud. This is what GS United Technologies provides through Industry leading Cloud Solutions provider vmware.

Top Priorities

The major benefits for which Business leaders embracing Hybrid Cloud,

  • Innovate in agile ways
  • Predict new opportunities
  • Demonstrate transparency and trust
  • Deliver unique and personalized experiences
  • Enable always-on, real-time operations

Validated Services

With VMware Cloud Providers Validated Services, customers can choose services from over 4000 Cloud Providers located in 100 countries worldwide that include,

  • Infrastructure as a service(IaaS)
  • Hybrid cloud service
  • Desktop as a service (DaaS)
  • Disaster Recovery as a service (DRaaS)
  • Managed Services
Cloud Provider Key Differentiators

Partners offer services powered by VMware Based on presrciptive technical requiremnets, architechtures to ensure security reliability.

Cost Effective Solutions

Small & Medium Enterprises and startups may not be able to invest a huge amount in Cloud Computing and/or Virtualizations. So, we provide a cost effective way of implementing the requirements first and upgrade them as your business grow.

Direct Benefits

What we offer?

GS United Technologies- Email Server Team install and provides your mail server the necessary authentication and security procedures during server setup or post server setup. We make sure your data is safe with us and Disaster Recovery Solutions are deployed such that the mail server is safe and backup is available at any time.
Open source mail servers like Mail-In-A-Box (MIAB), iRedMail etc can be customized to your requirements, authenticated with all required parameters and even automate your email sending ensuring the mail delivery is successful to the inbox and not to the spam or Junk folder.

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  • Benefits of being a Cloud Provider

    Your organization provides cloud services to both your client and company staff. Being a cloud provider assures quantifiable business benefits.

  • vmware Cloud Provider

    A global Ecosystem of Cloud Providers Offering Validated Services based on VMware Technology. Over 4000 Service Providers located in more than 100 countries offering VMware based cloud services that address every business case.

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