Cloud Computing Infrastructure

Cloud computing infrastructure is the collection of hardware and software elements needed to enable cloud computing. It includes computing power, networking and storage, as well as an interface for users to access their virtualized resources. The virtual resources mirror a physical infrastructure, with components like servers, network switches, memory and storage clusters.

GS United Technologies provides you a wide choice of solutions for your Cloud computing needs. Our expert team will review your cloud computing needs and provide the best solution and implement the infrastructure at an affordable cost. We also provide training to your employees on a regular basis on the softwares and its updates.

What it takes to implement and why?

Cloud computing is a magical solution to bring together efforts of every asset in the industry such that the work flow is in harmony. Cloud computing promises Access to resources of digital information and networking. Cloud infrastructure offers the same capabilities as a physical infrastructure, but can provide additional benefits like lower cost of ownership, greater flexibility and scalability.
Cloud computing infrastructure is available for private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud systems. It’s also possible to rent cloud infrastructure components from a cloud provider, through cloud infrastructure as a service (Iaas). Cloud infrastructure systems allow for integrated hardware and software and can provide a single management platform for multiple clouds. Our recommendations are,

  • IT Companies - Software Defined Data Center
  • SMEs - Server Virtualization
  • Marketing - Cloud Sales & Service

Cost Effective Solutions

Small & Medium Enterprises and startups may not be able to invest a huge amount in Cloud Computing and/or Virtualizations. So, we provide a cost effective way of implementing the requirements first and upgrade them as your business grow.

Direct Benefits

Moving to the cloud not only eliminates the heavy upfront investment in PBX hardware and handsets, it also eliminates some surprising hidden costs. Your company saves on maintenance fees and conferencing costs, as well as on administration time with the ability for employees to customize their own phone settings.


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