OPTIMIZATION A new design paradigm?

Designers need to face increasing challenges during Initial Design phase and expected to deliver higher fidelity initial designs and very lower manufacturability issues associated with late-cycle performance.

Fortunately, CAD-integrated topology optimization tools, such as those included with SOLIDWORKS® Simulation Professional and SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium analysis software, provide a transformational technology that can help you quickly and easily generate the optimized shape for a particular design based on the requirements of its operating environment and the production technique utilized.


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Topology - Explained What is it?

Topology Optimization
THistorically, the designs were limited in parametric optimization. With Topology Optimization, today, and moving forward, you are able to break the restriction on parameters and fully explore your design space, resulting in more organic and exciting models capable of taking advantage of new manufacturing methods not possible with parametric optimization.
Topography is an arrangement of the natural and artificial physical features of an area or surface, Topology is a branch of mathematics that is concerned with the spatial properties of geometric figures that do not change when the figure is twisted or stretched in certain ways. In the context of design, a topology study explores design iterations of component geometry to satisfy a given optimization goal—such as balancing the weight-to-stiffness ratio, minimizing mass, or minimizing maximum displacement—based on specific loads and geometric constraints, including those imposed by the manufacturing process used.

How Topology works?

In simplest terms, a topology study utilizes an iterative algorithm to run a design optimization loop to generate the best possible shape based on the loads, constraints, boundary conditions, and manufacturing controls specified. The topology study tool provided with SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional and SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium analysis software performs a nonparametric topology optimization of parts, running in the background in a couple of hours

How Topology Optimization benefits Designers?

TOPOLOGY OPTIMIZATION: HOW DOES IT BENEFIT DESIGNERS? In an increasingly global market, competitive presssures create demands on manufacturing organizations for increased innovation, automation, and throughput across every department, but especially product development. These demands are already affecting the work of designers, with greater expectations for more complete designs with few, if any, performance or manufacturability surprises encountered late in the product development process. Delivering higher fidelity designs earlier in the process puts additional demands on you as a designer that require you to work faster and smarter by extending your design toolbox to include SOLIDWORKS CAD-integrated topology optimization tools.

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