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Reverse Engineered Display Board

At GS United Technologies, we undertake Reverse Engineering projects. In case Your designs need to be re-visited once again, we trace it back to it's origin and point out where it could be modified to meet the needs.

Our diverse group of experienced engineers perform a thorough study on the product and understand its design properties. Portable laser scanners are used to probe the enclosed components after disassembly. Once the basic properties of product reverse engineering has been defined, we deconstruct the product assembly and trace it back to reveal its designs, architecture and extract knowledge from the product. We create accurate as-built drawings by manual measurements and system analysis.

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Each product is unique and different as the clients. It may a original design or discontinued model, or it might need replication or recreation, We help our customers recreate worn-out spares or produce As-Built drawings which is necessary to perform design updates or decide on tooling requirements on the proposed component or product.

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