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At GS United Technologies, we process everything about your patents. But first, you need the drawings. A Patent Drawing authenticates your original design and market focus.

Patent drawing is an art, We initiate your patent process with design patent drawings or utility patent drawings and we even help you learn how to make patent drawings pdf files. Your ideas and inventions are valuable to us. We choose to provide you very cheap patent drawings and help to make the patent process faster and smoother so that you can concentrate on your product outcome.

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Your Concept, your way! Innovative products often require patent to protect its inventor from being risked by patent-spoofers. Contact us to step in and help you in the patent process. We make a non-disclosure agreement and design your ideas to bring it to the real world.

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Schematic Drawings

Schematic Drawings are clearly detailed diagrams of an electrical or mechanical system. They are a top level..

M & E Drawings

Mechanical & Electrical drawings are usually referred to in the building industry. These drawings incorporate..

Fabrication Drawings

Fabrication Drawings are usually used for 1 off’s or per job/project bases (compared to Manufacturing Drawings).

Construction & Architectural

Construction & Architectural drawings for buildings, roadways, railways and interiors..

Conceptual Drawings

The first step (in term of CAD) of any new Component or Product is the Concept Drawing. These drawings are..

Patent Drawings

A Patent Application often requires drawings or illustrations to aid the understanding of the technical features and its assembly of the invention..

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